Continuing Activities


Every Tuesday
6:30-9PM - suggested love-offering $5/group - in POWER

Dr. Tim Hayes facilitates. This supportive group watches a one hour videotaped lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce, author of Why is This Happening to Me…Again, in which he presents a series of self-help tools for personal and spiritual growth. At 6:30 the group watches a one hour videotaped lecture by Dr. Ryce. The group then discusses the material and applies the practical tools that were presented—tools for managing emotions, building healthy relationships and creating a viable conscious spiritual body. The book, The Way of Mastery, is also referenced during this transformative process. A $5 love offering is suggested for each group.

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Dinner with Abraham
Every second Friday
at 4:30-7:30 PM - in POWER suggested love-offering $10/group

This group focuses on the teachings of Abraham-Hicks on the art of allowing your natural well-being. These like-minded people...seekers, share in the fun and joy of living abundantly. The gathering begins with meditation, includes a foodie inspired potluck dinner, a 90 minute videotape of Abraham-Hicks workshop talks, wonderful dessert, and ends with great conversation. Please bring a dish to share: protein, veggie, starch or dessert.

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Truthfinders Study Group
A Unity based book study group
The Way of Mastery (by the Shanti Christo Foundation)
2nd and 4th Saturday mornings, 10:30AM to 12:00AM - in IMAGINATION

You are welcome to join in or join out anywhere along the schedule, meaning you don’t need to start from the beginning to join in the fun; each chapter is independent and stands alone. You will be provided with access to weekly video recordings to support your study of this incredible book. These video recordings feature amazingly insightful talks from Jayem, the original author of this book.
$5 Love Offering

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WOW - Women of Wonder
WOW (Women of Wonder) is a creative experiment to hopefully bring an additional venue for you to get to know others. The purpose of the monthly meeting will be to inform and inspire. Collectively we will plan various activities including such things as learning a new craft, participating in-service projects, outings, sharing spiritual insights, interactive workshops and presentations drawing from our talents and our network of women in the community. Come with an open heart, an open mind and your ideas! Each gathering will begin with reading the Word for the Day and a short discussion on its meaning followed by a fun and interesting activity. To date we have had an evening of fun games to get to know each other, shared our favorite books at one meeting and had an evening of adult coloring/crafts while we shared pleasant childhood memories. All this with spiritual insights.
We will gather on the second Thursday each month - Gail Brooks, facilitator.
Contact Gail Brooks for more info 815-814-9014 or
6:30-8:00PM in POWER

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For Your Information


Sunday Service to Go!
If you like the service and want to experience it again - If you would like to share it with a friend or family member who was not present - If you are uncertain about the message and would like to hear it again - OR - If you want a copy of the WHOLE service including the music - THEN visit the recording station in FELLOWSHIP and get a freshly cut CD for a suggested love-offering of $5. OF COURSE... If you visit you can listen or download the most recent talks from Sunday Services anytime.

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Lending Library - “read - share - live” - found in POWER (Not available if the Power room is in use.)
Please stop by our growing lending library housed on the shelves in POWER, and peruse the selection. If you wish to check something out, simply use the sign-out sheet, noting the item, the date and your name. Donations of clean and gently used books of a spiritual nature are welcome. Lets circulate unused items into the Universe and share something, we have loved, with others.
Embrace this opportunity to enrich your life with spiritual reading.

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The Unity Earthcare Ministry at USCW sponsors recycling
Receptacles for the items below can be found in POWER
-Used batteries to be recycled by Environmental Defenders of McHenry Co.
-Whole used or unused Greeting Cards to be repurposed and sold by the Elgin Crisis Center
-Old sneakers (athletic shoes) for Nike Grind to turn into running/walking tracks, playground bases and part of the shoe is wasted.
-Cassette tapes, VHS tapes to be recycled by Environmental Defenders of McHenry Co.
-CD's & DVD's to be distributed for resale or recycled by Environmental Defenders of McHenry Co.
-Old Crayons to be made into "Super Crayons" for children with special needs by S.C.A.R.C.E.

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Planet Green Fundraiser for Youth Ministry

WHEN YOU RECYCLE (in the receptacle in POWER)
We receive funds from Planet Green for collecting and sending in these recyclables!
Inkjet Cartridges, Cell Phones & Pagers, Digital/Video Cameras, GPS & Radar Detectors, iPods/MP3 Players, PDAs, Calculators, Mobile Hot Spots, Video Game Consoles, Handheld Video Games, Video Games & Accessories, iPads/Tablets/eBook Readers

WHEN YOU BUY recycled products at: -- you save 70% and Youth Ministry gets 15%.

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Hospitality Team!
Purpose: To arrange for beverages and snacks after Sunday services and plan for themed Potluck luncheons that tease our congregant's taste buds.
For more information or to volunteer…contact: Pat Novy 815-307-4182 or

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Purpose: To support the LBGT community by sharing ideas, answering questions and planning events. Meetings are held quarterly. Open meetings are announced on the Upcoming Events List in the bulletin. For more information…contact: Dave Carlson 847-275-6248 or


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We are Partnered with Amazon!
Every purchase you make through Amazon will benefit our spiritual center. All you need do is make your purchase through the link found at It's all accomplished automatically. USCW receives from 4 - 8%, depending on the number of products shipped. The more items shipped, the greater percentage we receive. Invite your family and friends to support us, too, at no cost to them.

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USCW Hosted Activities
We share our space with the following community groups.


Jail Brakers - 1st Thursday of each month - 6:30 PM in LOVE
Jail Brakers is a support group that provides a safe place for children and families to express their emotional reaction to the separation from a family member who has been incarcerated. We embrace a holistic approach to healing and everyone is welcome and treated with respect. Each group meets for twelve weeks. Sessions begin with circle time where members share stories that build confidence and trust. A community dinner is provided to foster friendship and natural supports and is followed with an activity. Activities are experiential, expressive and creative and are designed to build cohesion and connectedness to reduce isolation.

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First Saturday Music supported an activity of Off Square Music
1st Saturday each month 7PM in FELLOWSHIP HALL
(doors open at 6:30) - a $3 donation is suggested
First Saturday Music continues the open mic tradition of the Masthouse (1980 to 2010). People of all ages are encouraged to come and share their talents. One featured performer opens with a 20-minute set. Open MIC continues the experience. Performers reserve a slot by signing up when they arrive. There is a sharing table in the back of the room and tea, coffee and water are available

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These community groups also use our facilities.

Free Guitars for Future Stars
Free Guitars for Future Stars is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to supply guitars and lessons to children of low income households within McHenry county.

Off Square Music Concerts
Off Square Music is a 501 (C)(3), not-for-profit corporation, established in January of 2003 for the promotion, preservation and enjoyment of folk music. OSM is an organization of volunteers who wish to share the folk music art with others in many different ways. We invite the public to be a part of the experience.

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